Na so e be

That is what it is


Na so e be, I no wan problem abeg come dey go.
That's what it is, please i don't want problem come and leave.

Synonyms: ["Whats", "Up", "Exactly"]

Dem no see me

They can't see me.


I dey tell you, dem no see me.
I am telling you they didn't see me.

Synonyms: ["Invissible"]

How far ?

1. How are you?
2. What's up?


Oboy, How far?
Bro, How are you?

Synonyms: ["Howfar", "howfa", "whatsup", "how", "are", "you", "Hello"]

Done carry belle

Has gotten pregnant.


Abebe done carry belle

Synonyms: ["Pregnant"]

I don hear

I have heard.


i don hear wetin you talk
I have heard what you said

Synonyms: ["Heard"]

E don tay weh day break

It's been long since "day break"


e don tay weh day break i need to eat something before i faint

Synonyms: ["Day", "break", "Morning"]

Na me

It is me


Person 1: Na who dey knock? ( Who's knocking? )
Person 2: Na me ( It's me )

Synonyms: ["Who", "Me"]

Chop my money

1. To spend someone's money
2. To defraud someone of their money


1. baby chop my money!
Baby spend my money

2. yahoo boys chop my money
Fraudsters defrauded me

Synonyms: ["Spend", "Defruad"]

Na you sabi

That's your business/problem, don't involve me.


1. Na you sabi, shay na you carry your money buy iPhone?
2. That's your problem, you used your money to buy iPhone. Right?

Synonyms: ["Know", "On", "Your", "Own"]

E be like say

it looks like


e be like say rain go fall today.
It looks like it will rain today

Synonyms: ["Looks", "like"]