Where you dey go?

1. Where are you going to?
2. Where are you heading to?


Joe, where you dey go this night?
Joe, where are you going to this night?

Synonyms: ["Where", "heading"]

Where you wan go?

1. Where are you going to?
2. Where are you heading to?


Where you wan go by this time?
Where are you going to by this time?

Synonyms: ["Go", "heading"]

Wetin you dey do?

1. What are you doing?
2. What are you up to?


John, wetin you dey do?
John, what are you doing?

Synonyms: ["Wetin", "what"]

Bodi dey inside cloth

I'm surviving


How u dey peter? man body dey inside cloth
How are you peter? man i'm surviving

Synonyms: ["Survive"]


You guy


How una dey?
How are you guys?

Synonyms: ["guys"]

Na wetin?

1. What is it this time?
2. So what?


Jose na wetin again?
Jose what is it again this time

Synonyms: ["What"]

This table you are shaking...

Means you are looking for attention or searching for trouble


Uncle, this table you are shaking has a billion dollar worth of cupcakes on it ooo

Synonyms: ["trouble", "attention", "nose", "poking"]

Wahala Dey

1. There's problem
2. We have a problem


Aunty wahala dey oo, i don loss your house key.
Aunty we have problem, I've missed placed your key.

Synonyms: ["Problem", "Beef"]

Na so e be

That is what it is


Na so e be, I no wan problem abeg come dey go.
That's what it is, please i don't want problem come and leave.

Synonyms: ["Whats", "Up", "Exactly"]

Dem no see me

They can't see me.


I dey tell you, dem no see me.
I am telling you they didn't see me.

Synonyms: ["Invissible"]